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When a loved one passes away, someone must manage and distribute the estate. A well executed estate plan helps to simplify the distribution process. When a thorough plan is not in place, or the plan drafted does not take measures to avoid it, the estate may have to go through the court managed process of probate. At Russo Law Offices LLC, we assist clients with drafting detailed estate plans that help avoid the probate process. We also help clients who do not want a living trust, but who know that a well-drafted will is essential to a smooth probate process. In addition, our attorneys work with clients who are navigating the probate process.

What is the Probate Administration Process?

A probate proceeding is initiated in the decedent's county of residence. The court will oversee independent administration or supervised administration depending on the complexities of the case.

The process typically involves these steps:

  • Filing a petition with probate court
  • Sending notice to heirs and the public
  • Appointing an executor or administrator
  • Preparing an inventory of the estate
  • Administering claims of creditors
  • Selling assets
  • Filing and paying of taxes
  • Distributing assets to beneficiaries

Working to Execute the Best Plan for Your Circumstances

The lawyers at Russo Law Offices LLC work with heirs, beneficiaries, executors, and trustees to solve and complete estate administration. We also work with individuals who wish to create an estate plan and take measures to avoid probate when possible. If you are in need of a probate lawyer, or have any questions regarding estate planning, Russo Law Offices LLC can help. Located in Hinsdale, Illinois, we serve clients throughout the Chicago area including Cook, Lake, Will, and DuPage counties. We know you are busy, so we work hard to make your interaction with Russo Law Offices LLC as easy and convenient as possible. Call us at 630-560-1010 or email us to set up an appointment. Evening and weekend hours are available upon request. You can also schedule an appointment here.

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  • March 2018 Northwestern Alumni Webinar: “Estate Planning 101: Secure Your Future & Maximize Wealth Accumulation”

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